2019 Lions Community Development Raffle Open

Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 10:53 AM

The Subiaco Football Club's 2019 Lions Community Development Raffle is now open.


Members tickets have now been sent out and the Subiaco Football Club encourages all members to return their tickets to help show their support of our club.


This annual fundraising project is designed to financially underpin development programmes established throughout Subiaco's district, assisting in promote the pathway for your sportsmen to strive towards their athletic dreams. 


This fundraising program has helped assist in the development of Subiaco players who have achieved great results at both the WAFL and AFL level, assiting both country and metro footballers. 


Some of the AFL players who have seen assistance through a strong promotion of the Lions Community Sports Development Raffle include Daniel Rich, Kyron Hayden, Ben Miller, Dom Sheed, Brayden Ainsworth and Luke Foley. 


Former AFL listed players Kyal Horsley and Josh Deluca remain on Subiaco's list and represent the 100's of young players who have benefitted from being actively engaged in the Subiaco development system.


The club encourages all members to help support this project to ensure the continuation of development of programs to support and develop young boys and girls in our district.


Help keep Subi Forver strong.