Subiaco Colts Embrace Senior Transition Program

Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 8:52 AM

The senior members of the Subiaco Colts program are currently going through the club’s senior transition program, as Subiaco continues to ensure a strong pathway for development for young players at their club.


Under the guidance of senior coach Jarrad Schofield and colts coach Beau Wardman, supported by football manager Daniel Vidovich and talent manager Michael Farmer, the transition program is a crucial part of maintaining a strong club culture at Subiaco.


Over the past eight weeks, Subiaco has been exposing some of the graduating Subiaco Colts players to senior football, giving them an understanding of the requirements and expectations of Subiaco senior footballers.


Further the program is aimed to closely align the club’s culture and quest for excellence, which has been developed at senior level for over a decade, giving Colts footballers the opportunity to grow this culture at Colts level.


The program is designed to assist players being able to make a smooth transition to senior football the following year.


For Colts coach Beau Wardman he has seen great results from the program in his time with Subiaco.


“We see great benefits for the boys in their extended development,” Wardman said.


“The boys have really benefited from the program in the past few years.”


Players who have already been exposed to the Senior Transition Program, or a set to be exposed in 2018 include Colts midfield stars Liam Hickmott, Tristan Hobley and Luke Foley; big men Xavier Peacock, Mach Deng and Jack Mayo; the versatile Sam West, Kyle Stainsby and Zane Sheallabear-Healey and respected leaders Madoc Plane and Duane Oxenham-Smith.


The program last year saw players like Tom Edwards-Baldwin, Liam Connolly, Brayden Ainsworth, Kyron Hayden, Koby Fullgrabe, Max Dennis and Christian Martin exposed to senior football, with all of this group having success in 2018.


Ainsworth and Hayden played in a Reserves premiership last year for Subiaco and have gone on to be AFL drafted, while Edwards-Baldwin has burst onto the scene as a dangerous forward in five league games so far this year.


Connolly, Dennis, Fullgrabe and Martin have all had promising moments in their transition to Reserves football this year.


For this year, the program has the added benefit for the Subiaco Colts of both preparing them for next year, while also keeping their development strong ahead of the 2018 WAFL finals.


“Our Colts players have a fantastic opportunity to work with the best WAFL coach in Jarrad Schofield whilst training alongside leaders Kyal Horsley, Chris Phelan and reigning Outridge Medalist Leigh Kitchin,” Wardman said.


“It is another step in the players football journey and hopefully this year it could give them something extra come finals time with our Colts program.”