Merifield First to Donate to Subiaco Development Fund

Friday, June 1, 2018 - 8:54 AM

As part of their ongoing commitment towards the sustainability of the Subiaco Football Club, a partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation as the Fundraising Partner has continued to foster through 2018.


Last month, Subiaco had their first donation to their Subiaco Development Fund with Subiaco legend Kevin Merifield the first to contribute as a donor into the program.


Merifield has been an iconic figure at the Subiaco Football Club since being first involved in a playing capacity back in the 1950’s.


His contribution to the club is well chronicled through the club’s darkest points during the 1980’s, with Merifield’s ability to lead Subiaco to a successful era since the mid 1980’s remaining to this day.


Subiaco currently has four separate Donation projects, all designed to assist the club support four separate functions of the club.


These four functions are:


The Subiaco Devleopment Fund – desigined towards improving the ongoing sustiability of the club and working to ensure that all future players to the Subiaco Football Club get the same benefits and opportunities that the present generation of Lions players have been afforded.


The Subiaco Coaching Pathway Program – designed to assist coaches coming through the Subiaco District and allow these coaches the best access to best practice coaching and the ability to mentor off senior club coaches.


The Subiaco Regional Talent Pathway – designed to assist players from the Subiaco regional zones make the transition from the country centres to Perth. Assistance towards this program goes directly to supporting players trying to make the transition to further their football ambitions.


The Subiaco Facilities Upgrade Project – designed to provide improved facilities for current and future Subiaco players allowing them to achieve high results on field. After having a competition leading facility when moving to Leederville Oval early in the 2000’s, Subiaco are looking to upgrade the facility to continue to have best practice in the WAFL competition.


All donations of more than $2 made to the Subiaco Football Club and our respective programs in the Australian Sports Foundation are tax deductible.


With the end of the financial year approaching, Subiaco encourages all members, supporters and partners of the club to consider a tax deductible donation to the club to assist with the ongoing sustainability of the proud Subiaco Football Club.


Meanwhile for the first donor in Merifield, he simply saw it as another chance to keep the Subiaco Football Club great and assist the on field performance of the club.


“I was only to happy to assist with the fund raising venture and in particular the development fund,” Merifield said.


“It is important to give, to help maintain the on-field success of the club.”