Colts Corner with Beau Wardman | RD22

Subiaco's colts unfortunately slunk to a 5th consecutive loss with a defeat at the hands of West Perth on the weekend but can still end the season on a high note with a win against East Perth.
It's been a fantastic season for the young Lions who challenged for finals right up until the dying stages of the season. We chat to colts coach Beau Wardman after the West Perth result. 

Q: A good tight contest with West Perth for three quarters, but just ended up being that the boys couldn’t quite match West Perth when the game was on the line in the last quarter?
It was a bit disappointing to have got so close and worked hard into a position and then not finish off the work. We went our from our style, which was credit to the way West Perth set-up and hunted around the contest.  
Q: You started strongly, led at quarter time and half time, were you pleased with the efforts of the boys early in the game given it was an important match to win?
I thought we had some control early, the boys were strong in the contest and won the ball to the outside, however we fell down inside-50. We had 37 entries to their 30, which says we did a lot of things right, but some positioning errors and execution let us down at times. I have been proud of the group all year in the effort and application, when you consider the average losing margin last year was 43 points, and this year only 20 with seven games less than three goals speaks volumes to the competitiveness and improvements.
Q: Again the second half is where on the scoreboard the match was lost. I know a few times we have spoken, you have singled out different elements that have made each loss a bit different, was this loss again about something slightly different?
I think it was a matter of West Perth capitalising on their opportunities in front of goal. We had the first four shots on goal in the last quarter for a couple of behinds.  
Q: How was the mood of the player post-match, obviously with how other results had gone, the boys would have been aware that the finals chance had slipped through?
It was an opportunity missed and the boys were disappointed – no doubting that. We want to develop resilience, and ruthlessness in our performances – that is what has held the league side in such a strong position for a number of years. We are still working towards that point and will have another pre-season both at colts and senior level for those boys transitioning up to improve these things.  
Q: One of the key areas of your coaching approach this year, is you have given a number of opportunities to players. Emilio Jansen was the latest player to debut, giving players chances in these big games no doubt helps players grow and develop?
Emilio has been terrific, he understands where he is at in his football development. A big move from Kalgoorlie without any guarantees but he has acted on the feedback provided. That’s the most pleasing thing, and for him to be rewarded with a game is good, but to perform well is great and speaks to his resilience and the support from the coaching group. Its easy to ask for feedback and hope for a game, but its what you do to act on the feedback and use the support available to improve.  
Q: Continuing with that thought of looking ahead with the development of the squad, how many of the current boys could you imagine playing pivotal roles in the Subiaco colts program next season?
We have given opportunity to 55 players this year, with the possibility of a couple more this week. I think nearly 35 of these guys are available for colts selection again next year so that puts us in a good place, however it will be up to them to do the work over the off-season and pre-season to come back ready and wanting to drive their own improvement with the support of our coaching and conditioning staff. We have also had 16 players from our Lions Pride academy regularly training and they will be pressing for opportunity along with the boys coming through the Lions Development Academy. With the new coaching structure in place, these boys are really developing well and I’m looking forward to being able spend some time with these players and coaches over the coming weeks.    
Q: Kyron Hayden has had a big month, topped it off with an equal career high 29 possessions on Saturday, he is no doubt helping his own personal draft ambitions?
It was a great performance, and the coaches were really pleased for Kyron to see some reward for the work he has done. Kyron has a lot of talent, but the additional time he puts in to hopefully achieving his goals is huge. He spends time outside of training review vision with coaches, recovery and gym work at the club, additional skill sessions to name a few. He has made the decision himself to go above and beyond which is why he has achieved what he has to date.  
Q: Brayden Ainsworth has been playing senior footy and I know you have had a number of other players that have been training with the senior squad in the back half of the season, how important has that been for the development of your colts players and how important is that to really show how committed the whole club is to developing our own talent and ensuring our own players strive to be their absolute best?
The player transition is really important and challenging themselves at higher levels. Subiaco has had sustained success at senior level because of the disciplines and work ethic of the senior players, many who have AFL level experience, so for our colts players to mix with them is important for their development and understanding of the requirements to be in the elite bracket.    
Q: One game left to go now for 2017, do you expect any major changes to the team for that one and how important is it for your boys to finish this season on a high and get one more final win over East Perth?
I think it is important that we finish off strongly. It would be great to win, but importantly we need to implement our learnings and bring strong effort.

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