Fighting Prostate Cancer: SFC & PROST!

Subiaco is proud to be involved in this week’s WAFL initiative of Men’s Health Round and would like to highlight the prostate cancer support group that has close ties to the Subiaco Football Club home.
Prost!, Exercise Prostate Cancer Inc, utilise the Subiaco Football Club gym twice a week and over 150 men have beneffited from the support group with over the last five years with assistance from the SFC.
Prost! Support Group was started by Jo Milios a Perth based physiotherapist who has become a pioneer in men’s health and understood the need for a strong support network for men having seen a number battle with depression following prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.
The gym session now sees an exercise physiologist run a number of exercises that are designed to give the men physical activity while also focusing on specific areas, like the pelvic floor which plays a crucial role in the recovery following prostate cancer.
Ross Campbell who is the Prost! Support Group Leader has an intimate knowledge of prostate cancer having been previously diagnosed. Ross highlights the importance of his doctor and Knowing Your Score.
“I was fortunate to have a wonderful doctor who understood the importance of ‘Knowing My Score’ and was proactively monitoring me from when I was 50 years old,” Campbell said. 
“When tests showed that I had prostate cancer it had been caught early and was localised to the prostate gland.”
For a lot of men, the first diagnosis opens up a lot of questions and research of prostate cancer becomes one of the first activities that men along with their support network will do.
Over time this research has become more detailed and the majority of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer are put in contact with a support group.
With over 40 active members down at the gym, the group plays an important role in both the physical and mental health of men who have battled or are still battling against prostate cancer.
Ron Sofield is another of the active members of the group and is an advocate for the emotional and mental health importance that the support group provides.
“The concept provides a great forum to talk to each other and just be able to be open about the experiences that each indivual is going through,” Sofield said.
Significantly the members involved with Prost! Support Group are now looking to impart their own stories to a wider male audience as they encourage more men to understand the importance of Know Your Score and getting regular check-ups.
One of the members of the group David Dyke has taken his own personal story and journey to YouTube having noticed that there were no videos available.
“The aim was to encourage men to start talking about taboo subjects like incontinence in men, men wearing pads, erectile function/dysfunction,” Dyke said, “the video has a lot of exlusive and rare footage of my journey including my feelings progressing along the way.”
For most of the men who have had an involvement with Prost! they played in football or other sports and liken the mateship of a footy team to the mateship that they now experience as a group.
The group highly commends the approach of the Subiaco Football Club and the WAFL to play an active role in encouraging men to be more aware of their health.
“Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia is very lucky to have such a supportive football club in Subiaco and the support of the WAFL promoting Men’s Health Week as it is a well-known fact that men are reluctant to deal with their own health issues and often leave a trip to the doctor too late,” Campbell said.
“Over 22,000 men are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer every year and if this focus by the WAFL and Subiaco can help more men get that early diagnosis, then football has played a key role in benefitting the community.”
For more information about Prost! Exercise 4 Prostate Cancer please visit:
To see David Dyke’s personal journey please visit:

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