The Mighty Maroon

Subiaco has launched a new range of merchandise to kick off the 2017 season.

The modern, maroon centred designs were inspired by the exciting direction of the football club whilst simultaneously honouring the past of the mighty Maroons.

Throughout early history the Lions were proudly referred to as the Maroons and the name became synonymous with everything about the football club.

The name reached the height of its popularity during the 1970’s and eternalised with the 1973 Premiership win over West Perth by 32 points. The values that etched the meaning of the Maroons still remains at Subiaco and 2017 presented a perfect opportunity for the club to acknowledge the past, whilst looking boldly into the future.
The new look designs are a bold step for Subiaco but Chief Executive Officer Peter Capes is confident the club can transition into the future, whilst retaining its rich history.
“We called on the members to be involved in the process and we’re happy with the look we’ve managed to achieve,
“A survey conducted found a new look polo was in favour in 2017 and the classic Maroon tones give homage to the club’s history.” Said Capes
The club has introduced a new look polo along with a line of high quality material training shirts perfect for the incoming football season. Subiaco have also introduced a new all grey players kit which will be highlighted with a pre-season video on Wednesday.
Check out the new range and kit up before the 2017 WAFL season 


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