Arnold bids farewell

The Lions will say goodbye to Talent Manager Neil Arnold over the off-season with the long-time servant accepting a full time position at Balga Senior High School in 2017.
Arnold started at the club in 2011 as a Development Officer and has added a wealth of contributions over his five year tenor in a multitude of development positions. 
“Neil recently occupied the Talent Manager role during a turbulent period which included multiple changes of coaches, assistant coaches, talent directors and board members,” said CEO Peter Capes
“In his time in the job, Neil developed stability in our country zones and sought to identify and develop the next generation of development coaches.”
Along with his work with Subiaco’s development system, Arnold put countless hours into offering opportunities for less privileged students at schools in the Subiaco District through the Learn Today… Lead Tomorrow and Success Through Sport programs.

“Neil also headed the Community Engagement Program in the Primary and Secondary schools. These programs have been highly successful and will continue into the future,” added Capes
Arnold has thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Subiaco Football Club and re-told some of his favourite aspects of the development job.

“Watching the kids develop and come through the system has been a real pleasure. Especially the players that surprise you, it’s always really rewarding to watch a young player who has worked hard and tried his heart out, achieving their goals.” said Arnold
“Engaging with the primary and secondary schools was also a highlight. Some of the success we were able to achieve there was amazing. To engage kids and encourage them to improve their attendance and successful schooling habits has been a rewarding experience too,”
“It’s great to see some of those kids coming through, life hasn’t been the easiest for some of them, but they’ve stuck at it, worked hard and seen results from that dedication. I hope they can apply some of these lessons not only in football but over the rest of their lives in what ever they do.” said Arnold

Arnold leaves the system a lot stronger than when he arrived and the ex-country footballer believes the re-structure will be very beneficial for the club.

“I’m super excited about the future of the SFC development system. The implementation of the Lions Coaching Academy has once again shown that Subi is an industry leader and there’s nothing but positives with this re-organisation. The structures that we have put in place now are only going to improve the standard of coaching that our players receive, which will filter through the club over the next few years, and I can’t wait to see the results. ” said Arnold

“Given the numbers of players in our metro and regional zones and the smaller number of players we have access to it’s great to see that the club is being pro-active in developing the depth,”
“We’ve had some good numbers of colts transitioning into seniors over the past couple of years and under the new system this will only get better. In the end your depth is where your strength is.” added Arnold
Although it’s very unlikely it’s the last time we see Neil Arnold in a Lions polo he wanted to thank a host of people for his time at the club.

“First of all Peter Capes, he’s been a great supporter and is a fantastic leader and I’m very grateful for his guidance and encouragement along the way.
Then I have been lucky enough to work with some really great people who have become good friends as well like Kevan Sparks, Luke Sanders, Deb King, Travis Kalin & Brooke Edwards and and the rest of the Subi crew who have been a pleasure to work alongside. It’s made coming to work everyday really enjoyable and rewarding.”
“To all of the coaches that I’ve worked with along the way, I want say thank you. Coaching can be a tough and thankless job at this level and a lot of people probably don’t realise actually how much time and effort these guys put into it, so I just want you all to know I really appreciated your commitment, professionalism and effort”
“Subiaco FC is a really great place to work, and I know I’ll be sad to leave but at the same time what is ahead of me is an exciting new opportunity. I wish the club all the best going forward and I will still get along to games and support loudly from the sideline.” added Arnold
The club greatly appreciates Arnolds efforts over his time and have begun the process of sourcing and implementing a new Player Development Officer.

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