CEO Capes calls on Subi faithful

The Subiaco Football Club are encouraging all supporters, friends and family to attend the Lions massive clash with Peel Thunder in WAFL Grand Final 132 on Sunday.
Despite ordinary attendances at the last two Grand Finals and skepticism ahead of Sunday, Lions CEO Peter Capes believes it offers a perfect opportunity for the Lions faithful to stand up.
“We want all the Subi fans to help us achieve our third straight flag on Sunday,” said Capes
“We hope the Subi faithful arrive in large numbers and demonstrate to the rest of the league that we are a passionately supported club.”

Subiaco often come under scrutiny in the media for being under-supported but Capes credits the loyalty and passion of the Lion pride.

“We’ve got an eclectic fan base. A lot of our fans are the older, die-hard members who have been supporting for years but we’ve also been working diligently to attract a younger audience. “ said Capes
“We hope that all of the Subiaco members understand the importance of Sunday and will make the effort to continue our club’s strong tradition in September. “
The Lions have been going from strength to strength in the last decade but the last piece of the puzzle comes from the fans.
It’s up to the Subi faithful to overwhelm and outnumber their Peel counter-parts on Sunday and Capes hopes to see a sea of gold and maroon. 
“The game is going to be a cracker. We’ve got the opportunity to play against a really strong team and all of our players and coaches are really excited. It will be a terrific game at a terrific venue.” Said Capes

“We want to see a sea of maroon and gold and we want to see people having fun and enjoying themselves at the biggest game of the year.”

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