Subiaco Strength


“It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” -Paul “Bear” Bryant


The blood, sweat and tears of pre-season are rolling as newly appointed strength and conditioning coach Jackson Dennis goes to work. 

Subiaco have been running, grinding and working hard in the first week of the 2015 pre-season and the conditioning and dedication of the playing group has impressed the newly appointed fitness guru Dennis.

“The overall shape of the group is pretty good. We’ve had plans in place before Christmas and so far all the sessions are going to plan and were even gaining ground on what was expected,

“We set weight programs before Christmas and all but three players showed improvement on their strength. Everyone’s accumulating functional strength and it will only improve the more we work.” Added Dennis


Senior player Chris Phelan works on his weights program


The Lions participated in a day long camp last weekend and Dennis and the coaching staff used the opportunity to reinforce the Subiaco way of football whilst monitoring the squad’s fitness.

“The camp was an education-based run-through that spanned from 7am to 6pm on Saturday. The goal wasn’t to push the boys too hard but get a better understanding of the game plan, their bodies and nutrition,

“We started with running at Kings Park and moved through different fitness and team building exercises throughout the day and the group responded really well to it.” Said Dennis

New recruits Sam Menegola and Jordan Lockyer have also impressed the experienced conditioning coach and he claims they’ve earned respect in the locker room through hard work.

“The best thing about Menegola and Jordan Lockyer is that they both love training. It’s sometimes easy for guys to come back from AFL systems and slack off but the guys couldn’t have done anymore to earn respect within the group.”

Dennis’s pre season is also making sure the Lions squad is at optimal health and is also focused on working through injuries from the 2014 premiership run.

“One of my biggest goals this pre-season is to minimise injuries and have a healthy squad ready to compete by Round One. It was probably the biggest concern we had returning this year after Subiaco ran deep into the finals so were managing a shorter break than usual. 


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