2014 Community Raffle Results

The annual Lions Community Development Raffle project benefits our football programs designed to support our Colts, Junior Clubs (metro & country) and associated District community teams.

With 20 prizes to be won the draw took place on Sunday, 7th July. 

Thanks to all the companies, members and fans that supported this project.

All results are listed below while all winners will be notified officially. 


1st Prize: 44506

2nd Prize: 23420

3rd Prize: 39097

4th Prize: 05904

5th Prize: 31815

6th Prize: 32200

7th Prize: 24245

8th Prize: 38464

9th Prize: 39085

10th Prize:01200

11th Prize: 00317

12th Prize: 02075

13th Prize: 16410

14th Prize: 12089


16th Prize: 44080

17th Prize: 44415

18th Prize: 21441

19th Prize: 22178

20th Prize: 37601

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