Order of Australia for Fuller


Subiaco director Basil Fuller has been awarded the Order of Australia for service to Australian Rules Football and is now Basil Fuller OAM.

Fuller received a letter from the Governor General’s department in Canberra last week but was asked not to make it public until yesterday.


 “I’m very pleased indeed, it’s not really what we’re here for but to be acknowledged is the part of it that all volunteers look forward to.” Fuller said.

Fuller’s history in football is as rich as anyone’s, dating back to 1954 when as an 18 year old he was a player and secretary of the Shenton Park Mets.

Three years later Fuller joined the Subiaco Football Club as an assistant property man.

In 1961 he joined the Lions’ committee, which at the time had an average age of 61, Fuller was 22.

By 1966 Fuller was the CEO of Subiaco and the club’s first full time employee.

Since then he’s held numerous administrative roles and the effort he’s poured into the club has been immeasurable.

I’ve been involved in footy for all my life and I think that when I retired from business I just kept going because it’s something that keeps you mentally and physically involved during the day with people.

“I don’t play golf, I don’t bowl I don’t go fishing I’ve never had time for all those things when you’re in the footy business.” Fuller said

Currently Fuller is a club director and sits on the  finance committee, the commercial operations committee, is chairman of facilities and organizes the club’s major annual fundraising events.

According to fellow director Garry Peach, there’s few people in Australia who’s administrative career in football match that of Fuller’s.


“He epitomizes the club, when you write down your aspirational statement you can almost match it to him.

“If you’re asking your players to always put the club first and always do their very best, to self scrafice, all those sorts of things, that’s exactly what he does in an administration capacity.” Peach said.

“There always highs and lows in any activity or area, it’s been great, especially when you organize something like the 73 grand final, that was our first grand final for 49 years, that was pretty special.” Fuller said.

Fuller has played a pivotal role in showcasing the Subiaco Football Club on an international stage having been a key organizer and fundraiser for a number of overseas trips.

Fuller helped paved the way for the Lions to play football in India against East Perth in the late 60’s.

Since then Fuller has been crucial in the success of promotional trips to Canada, Singapore, Hawaii, South Africa and last year’s 40 man tour of the US.

“We’ve been all over the place over the years, we’ve been trend setters when it comes to things like that.”

“It’s good to see the way the club has evolved over the years… the move to Leederville was pretty special also the over seas trips I’ve been involved in.”

Fuller became a life member in 1982, has been on the club’s board since 1987 and says he hasn’t reached his used by date yet.

 “I’m still a director of the club, I’m on the finance committee, the commercial operations and chairman of facilities so you’ve got to keep pretty active.”

Subiaco Vice Patron Dr Harry Phillips also received the Order of Australia for his contribution to politics.


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