Pressure Points

A part of Subiaco’s dominant 2014 season has been due to their unyielding pressure.

Subiaco have recorded 342 tackles on the season compared to their opponents 299.

Players like Chris Deluca, Joel Latham, Jason Bristow, Brett Mahoney and Christopher Phelan have lead the charge generating tackles for the football club.

Subiacos's leading tackler Chris Deluca has had a breakthrough year in the maroon and gold selected in the WA State side after a lively start to 2014.  

The young forwards’ pressure has been a highlight of his game and admits it’s something he focuses on

“It was something that was a big part of my game at the start. Coaches would always get onto me about my forward pressure and I always relished in chasing and tackling; so it’s become on of my main assets. “ said Deluca

“Pressuring the ball carrier is one of the biggest parts of our game-plan. It’s all based around pressure so if it’s off then were all off. The way the game is going nowadays you need to provide frenetic pressure or you give the opposition to much space. “

Deluca has been joined by a host of talent this year with Shane Yarran and Matt Boland filling spots around the 19-year old in the forward line.

“It’s been fantastic having a solid forward line that are hunting the ball. The difference between this year and last year is that we have guys that are putting in massive effort, whether it be guys like Shane Yarran or big Matty Boland we’ve got an emphasis on harassing and chasing. “

“Forward pressure was definitely a factor that Jarrad Schofield has brought in since his appointment of head coach. It was drilled into us this pre-season as a core part of our game so were trying to meet that standard.”

Subiaco face the fourth placed West Perth this week and Chris Deluca acknowledges shutting down their back half ball carriers as a crucial goal.

“This week we need to target West Perth’s ball-carriers. Guys like Andrew Strijk and Steven Browne are crucial to their midfield setup so if we can tighten on them we’ll be on step closer to a win.”

Bradley Keast 38 tackles
Dene White 32 tackles
Jay Van Berlo 30 tackles
Chris Deluca 28 tackles
Steven Potente 28 tackles

Chris Deluca 28 tackles
Christopher Phelan 26 tackles
Joel Latham 25 tackles
Jason Bristow 23 tackles
Brett Mahoney 21 tackles


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