Young gun Grace sidelined

Colts forward Cody Grace will be sidelined for the rest of the year with an untimely ACL injury.


The young star hurt his left knee whilst training with the State 18’s squad in preparation for the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships, consisting of 6 games from 24 May to 2 July.

Grace has endured a frustrating string of injuries, which have restricted him to just 24 games over three years; but the dedication of the 18 year old hasn’t waivered overcoming hurdle after hurdle.

Long-term injuries are an unfortunate reality of modern football but Colts coach Steve Armstrong believes Grace has the ability to bounce back stronger.

“Dealing with serious injury is something footballers have to cope with; and you’re allowed to have time to be upset and disappointed but it’s important to stay involved with the game. I have no doubt Grace will come back bigger and stronger.”

“He started Colts football so young; to see him have an impact at such a young age was really exciting, but unfortunately injury has reduced his tally of games. Gracey has overcome injury before and his resolve and strength of character will get him through.

The young forward now faces the process of rehabilitating a ruptured ACL something that Subiaco veteran Bradley Stevenson is familiar with.

"I did my knee in 2012 and I was lucky because another player Nathan Phillips had done his at a similar time; so I had someone experienced to go through the rehabilitation process with and get the knee back to strength."

In regards to advice for the young forward, Stevenson recommended staying rigid to the doctors’ medical advice.

"Grace will just have to forget about playing this year and use the time off to refresh mentally. The key is to follow the steps and procedures in place to get the muscles back and be patient with the recovery. Different things work for different people, so he could pull up sore from one thing so it’s important to pay attention to the advice from the physio."

Grace is likely to travel with the WA State 18’s squad to give him an insight into the highest youth level and to assist the coaches with a match day role.


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