Bigger, Faster, Stronger

               *Chris Bryan (pictured) had an impressive performance at the Combine testing 

                                Written by: Michael Barr                                            Photo: Kim Johnson

The Subiaco Lions development system has kicked of 2014 with a bang; breaking numerous records in the Colts Combine testing at Edith Cowan University, Joondalup.

The Lions have noted significant increases in most categories including the aggregate height of the squad, speed and reach.

Strength and Conditioning Coach Jack Whitelaw has been a major part of developing the squad’s fitness since November and is optimistic with the results.  

“We’ve seen from the statistics that it’s been a big step up from last year. The boys have put in the effort over the off-season and we’ve seen real improvement,” said Whitelaw

“Head Coach Steve Armstrong and I have been working together on the fitness schedule since early November and he’s had clear guidelines of what he wanted out of the players. We set the standards for the boys and they’ve really delivered.”

The 2014 Colts had some standout performers at the AFL State testing; with potential leadership group candidate Chris Bryan standing out.

“Chris Bryan was one of the best at the testing. His 20m sprint and agility times were really high and he’s in good shape.” said Whitelaw.  

Some other impressive contributors were Chad Barnes who recorded the highest beep test, Alex Smith who had the quickest 20m sprint time and Ben Evans who recorded the highest standing vertical jump.

“It’s been a really good sign that what we’re doing is working. It will be a good test to see how the same guys test next year and hopefully improve again. We’ll keep similar structure and training and hopefully the boys will take it upon themselves to continue improving.

            2014 COLTS COMBINE RESULTS

Category 2014 2013 Difference
Height (cm) 182.15 179.02 +3.13
Weight (kg) 73.49 73.89 -0.40
SVJ (cm) 62.46 57.37 +5.09
RVJ RL (cm) 69.74 65.86 +3.88
RVJ LG (cm) 73.48 68.94 +4.53
Agility (sec) 8.35 8.93 -0.58
20m Sprint (sec) 3.04 3.10 -0.06
20m Shuttle Run (level/shuttle) 12.8 12.2 0.64

                                                               IMPROVED                     DECLINED         

                                        *Statistics compiled by Carl Woods

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