Cooking with Antoni Grover


Written by Andrew Owen

Last week the Community Engagement Program (CEP) run by the Subiaco Football Club visited Balga Senior High School to teach the young male students involved in the program about nutrition and how to prepare a healthy meal on a budget.  A footballer’s favourite, spaghetti bolognese, was on the menu.


Designed to keep students aged between 10 and 16 in school and for them to see the benefits of education, the program uses football and physical activities as engagement tools.

The CEP has been running in schools since 2011 and this year welcomes former Fremantle Docker and current Subiaco player Antoni Grover on board as an ambassador.

“The main aim of the program is to help these boys develop the right skills such as goal setting, leadership and teamwork,” Grover explained.

“We’ve been doing a little bit of coaching and umpiring as well so it’s a little bit more diverse than just going out and running around on a football field.”

For kids to be able to take part in this program they must commit to attending school and be actively involved while they are there.

Teacher at Balga Senior High School and Subiaco midfielder Jason Bristow believes that the program has seen a rise in the number of students regularly attending school.

“A few indicators for us are behaviour and attendance. These are two issues that, the reality is, these kids have trouble with; some with both, some with one.”

“We look at that and we see where this program can help and we have seen improvement in both of those areas.”

One student had amassed 27.5 days of suspension in the 12 months prior to being involved in the program. The effectiveness of the CEP showed in 2012 when that same student was not suspended once.

Grover is a massive fan of the program and regrets not having something like this around when he was younger. “I think it’s terrific to see the Subiaco Football Club and other WAFL clubs engage with the community.”

“This is something that wasn’t around when I was growing up and I hope it just gets stronger and stronger and the clubs get behind it and hopefully the sponsors do as well.”

As for his return to the Lions this year, Grover said “It’s been good to get back down here.”

“I enjoy the training and the mateship that you have around a football club and I’m a pretty competitive person so that’s why I’m back down there.”

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