Cavallo goes from Tiger to Lion

Cavallo, right, has joined the Lions as an assistant coach for 2013. 

Larry Cavallo has joined the growing list of coaches that have moved between Claremont and Subiaco as he tackles his new role as an assistant at the Lions in 2013.

Claremont last year won the Premiership under four-time Premiership captain and former assistant coach Marc Webb, with three-time Premiership player and former Lions’ Colts coach Jarrad Schofield an assistant.

Cavallo will aid senior coach Schofield with the midfield rotations in his new role at Subiaco.

Cavallo said Schofield made the decision an easy one.

“Schoey basically had a chat to us pretty much straight away when he got the job,” Cavallo said.

“The idea was to come across and give him a hand with rotations then help him out with structures etc.

“It was a great opportunity to be an assistant at League level.”

Cavallo, who has also worked with the underage state teams over the years, said he will aim to bring professional and a family environment to Subiaco.

“I think from my point of view I’ve been at Claremont since 2004 and I had three years in the Colts system and now two years in the Senior system in 2011 and 2012,” he said.

“I just a bit of professionalism and a bit of attitude towards having that family environment, Claremont’s fairly close nit.

“We’ve always liked to win and be a successful club, so hopefully I can bring that across as well.”

Cavallo was quick to add he had loved his time so far at Subiaco.

“It’s fantastic,” he said.

“The enthusiasm has been great, the coaches ability has been great, Schoey’s got a pretty good program in place and he’s pretty enthusiastic and up beat about where we’re heading.” 

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