Sky's the limit for Colts' talls

Left to right: Ben Evans, Jordan Bestry, Bryce Denysiuk, Adam Creeper, coach Tim Grose

By Tim Grose

As the Subiaco Colts players embrace the start of preseason training, a new and improved tall’s development program will be implemented to tie into Steve Armstrong’s vision to develop a quality and competitive colts squad for 2013.

The program has been developed by Tall’s Development Coach Tim Grose to address all aspects of developing the bigger boys in the colts group and applying skills that help them in their individual deficiencies. A structured weekly program to reflect all aspects of the role of a ‘big man’ will be the focus for these boys over the preseason. “If our key position players can start imposing themselves on physical contests next year, the program will have been a success,” Grose says.

The program includes sessions on jumping techniques, body positioning, contested marking and ruck tapping skills. “We’re really trying to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each tall and target the program toward their needs. For the majority, especially the ruckmen, a real physical program will be the focus, as the group are still very raw.” A combination of physical drills and techniques coupled with time in the gym with colts strength and conditioning coach Todd Martin, will fast track their development into imposing figures on the field.

After a breakout season at colts level last year, David Madut will get his opportunities up at senior level, leaving a number of younger ruckmen to battle for spots in the colts line-up. With Jordan Bestry leading from the front last year and in great shape come preseason, it’s great to get a good number of additional tall’s into the program with names to watch out for Adam Creeper, Bryce Denysuik, Ben Evans, Aiden Ietto and Jack Bunn.

“Taller players, especially ruckmen, are a rare breed and it’s hard to find good ones, so when we have 5 or 6 to develop, we’ll endeavour to put time and effort into these boys and get them to a level where they can be ultra competitive. Breaking them out of junior football and into the WAFL system is a big step, but we hope this program bridges that gap and prepares them for a big 2013 and beyond. 

Ben Evans and Bryce Denysiuk go through their plyometric routine. 



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