Learn Today… Lead Tomorrow Program

Boyare and North Balga  Primary Schools  Reap Benefits

The Learn today… Lead Tomorrow program has been designed, written and initiated by the Subiaco District, Football Club and the Des Headland Institute to reengage Aboriginal school students within the Subiaco District and get them to realize the benefits, both short and long term, of having an education. This program will also encourage students to further develop their knowledge of their culture and the history of their land and its people which we see as important to our aboriginal youth.

Schools that were identified and targeted as schools that we would like to connect to and make strong and lasting partnerships with during this program and into the future within our district have an aboriginal student population over 11% and have identified attendance issues. As many teaching staff can attest to that to be successful at school you need to attend school. However, the program will not ignore those who are doing well academically, this programs understands the importance of challenging and motivating these students onto further academic success and honours.


The program aims to create a lasting bond between all those who participate with the wider community. Our aim is to create future leaders for our community moving forward. We hope that all who participate in this program will strive to be the best they can possibly be both in and outside the program and that those at home, at school and in the wider community can encourage them to do so. 

The Learn Today… Lead Tomorrow  program is being implemented at the Boyare and North Balga  Primary Schools.   The Subiaco Football Club is currently working with 50 students from years 5 – 7 at these schools. Attached is a photo from the Boyare PS.  The elders in the photo are Walter and Doola Leisha Eates who came to do a session with the kids on Noongar language, the Aboriginal flag, the Dreamtime and told them stories from their personal lives.  All the kids really enjoyed it a great deal.  The Deputy Principal has already seen an increase in attendance and better behaviour of participating students so the program is doing well already only two weeks in.

This is only the start of what promises to be a rewarding and effective program.

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